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Flavour List 

People always ask us, "What flavours do you make?" And we always answer, "Whatever you want!" Here’s a list of our freshly baked favorite flavours. If you're craving something off the menu, we’d love to whip up something special for you.

Flavour List : Top Sellers

Top seller Flavours

 Salted caramel fudge, Pistachio, strawberry dark chocolate, lavender pomegranate green tea, and Earl Grey. 


Classic flavours 

Our Classic Macaron Flavours are Dark chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Pistachio, Lemon, salted Caramel, and strawberry.  


Tea inspired Flavours 

Earl Grey, Matcha Green Tea, Lavender Pomegranate Green tea, Peach Mango, and Chai Latte. 

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